Everyone on my dash is upset…   :(

If the Teen Wolf show makes you sad just cut it out, stay on the Sterek side of things, we have more fics than you could ever possibly read and cookies. And everything and everyone is gay and alive.

It makes me sad when you guys are sad



Uhh…from what I’ve been reading here/twitter, the panel was sort of disastrous. Jeff basically hoped we’d forgive him for Malia’s lack of development, Posey made an insulting comment about…


It was too good to be true! (╥﹏╥)


:( I have no internet in the hotel to reblog anything :( :( I did watch the trailer and tbh the fighting looks really bamf but yeah definitely spying some not-okay things

Lol everybody mad that hoechlin and dylan aren’t sitting next each other, pretty sure it’s so they won’t play footsy. I just always feel bad for whoever is on the middle, it’s usually crystal trying to dodge they flirty gazes


so basically they all (I MEAN JEFF) hate sterek so much, dylan and tyler h. can’t even sit next to each other?! you know what? FUCK YOU ALL, THAT’S NOT FAIR.


they just placed Dylan’s and Hoechlin’s name tags next to each other!!